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Greetings from Cannonville exotics

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Our Story

Our Goal

It all started with one python then slowly grew.We are a family run business and we care for each ball python and other reptiles as if they was a member of the family. If you purchase a ball python from us then we promise it will be healthy or it will not be sent out. We do not send out snakes until they shed twice and eat twice. We currently feed live but if you so choose to we can get your ball python to eat frozen. We try to keep things as natural as possible here at cannonville exotics thank you for your business in advance. 

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Team Members

Friendly Faces


Dakota  Counts 


Dakota is a big time outdoors person and animal  lover he is the ball python main care giver and handler


Alyssa person 

Vice president 

Alyssa is the lizard handler  and feeder  she is a hard working individual  and takes pride in her work she cares for all animals .

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Do ball pythons  make good pets?

Yes due to their docile nature  ball pythons make great pets.However the must be taken care of properly  to avoid stress they will bite when stressed 

Do you ship?

Yes of course!! How ever we may ask a series of questions  such as weather conditions in your area to insure animals  safety  in shipping also you must be there once the package arrives  at your door so the anmial isn't sitting out in the weather 

How can I contact you directly?

Below at the bottom of the page is all my contact info

Can I use fake flowers in my snakes enclosure?

Yes you can as long as it doesn't  have any glitter or anything on it and you disinfect it of course you can 

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Opening day

You may notice no products are available on our site this is because  we are not yet open for business  we are building our breeding stock and products  we will launch our retail section  soon and we will have bedding, accessories, and even pets available on there so just hang tight and we will be up and running really soon thank you for your patience 

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